Rules of Play (Part Time Gamers)

What to expect and how to be a good gamer

Event Organisation

Events are invite-only and are sent to members of the Part Time Gamers mailing group.

Events invitations are sent as a calendar invitation. Attendance is confirmed using RollForGroup

RollForGroup events are invitation-by-URL.


Members of the group take it in turns to host sessions. It is up to the host to decide the number of people that they have space for at their home.

Due to limited space sessions can only host gamers on a first-come-first-served basis.

Food & Drink

The session host has traditionally provided a main meal for the session (e.g. stew, casserole, pasta, lasagne, …). They also offer drinks of their choice (e.g. tea, coffee, water, squash, …)

Guests bring snacks, and any “special” food & drink that would be unreasonable to expect the host to provide.

On The Day

Hosts usually accept visitors from 12-13:00 on the day of the session. Times will vary so check the event for details.


A good schedule for the session is:

  • Arrival / Catch-Up
  • Quick Filler Game(s)
  • FOOD
  • Main / Longest Game
  • Short / Medium Games

Again, this is flexible.