Copper Row Gamers

Copper Row Gamers is a work-based, private, gaming group.

The group is hosted outside the office infrastructure to make it simpler to communicate across the digital boundaries that exist within the office.

When Does The Group Meet?

Lunchtime Gaming

  • Every weekday. 12:30-13:30. First Floor Cafe - Cooperage

This is a great time to wander by and meet people on a whim.

Due to the constraints of it being lunchtime we naturally pick quicker, easier, simpler games. These games are a great way to learn some of the basics and meet some of the awesome people in the group.

Tuesday Evening Sessions

  • Every Tuesday. 18:00-whenever. Outside First Floor Cafe - Cooperage

This is our opportunity to play longer, more involved games.

This does not exclude new gamers as there are numerous “easy” games that we can play that wouldn’t normally fit into a lunchtime session.

Joining an evening session takes a little more effort than just turning up.

Irregular Gaming Sessions

  • Whenever we like. Wherever we choose.

These tend to be very similar to the Tuesday Evening Sessions …. but on a different day of the week.

For example, sometimes we decide that it would be nice to hang out after work on Friday evenings, with a specific game in mind for the session.

How Do I Join In?

Join Us On Slack!

Pick the link relevant to the part of the company you’re in, or search for “copper-row-gamers” in Slack.

Join The Email Group

The group is hosted as a Google Group:

If there’s no “Join Now” button visible to you there, please ask Chisel for an invitation.