Tuesday Evenings (Copper Row Gamers)

What to expect and how to be a good gamer

The Plan

tl;dr be ready to start gaming as close to 6pm as possible

The Evening Plan

  • Finish work at 17:30
  • If you need food, source it before 18:00
    • … also try to have eaten before 18:00
    • Food is eaten at the table(s) next to the game table.
  • Unboxing and rules summary starts no later than 18:00
  • Game starts as soon as we’re ready!
  • Session ends when we’ve had enough
    • most weeks we have left the office before 9pm
    • some weeks we agree to stay longer, and play longer


This should be done for each evening session you plan to attend.

Calendar RSVPs are not counted when planning attendance.

  • Check the #copper-row-gamers topic for details slack channel (-RVu / -ZPG)
  • Follow the link to the RollForGroup event
    • if you don’t have an account, it’s free and sign-up takes a couple of minutes
  • Join the event
    • you should be automatically joined to the event no approval required

Game Selection

This is handled in the RollForGroup event for the session. There are two lists, and most people probably want to add “desires” to the second list.

  • I Would Like To Play: these are games you’re interested in trying out, or replaying
  • I Am Bringing: games should only be added to this list if you are definitely bringing the physical game to the session in the cafe. (DO NOT add games just because you have them in the office)

Vote up games you would like to play. Don’t forget to come back at the end of the week to see if any other games have been added while you weren’t looking.

Required Experience


If you’ve never played before and are interested in dipping your toe in the water please help us make the evening better for you by speaking to us before we’ve locked in the game selection for the evening.

We will aim to pick a game that can be easily learned and enjoyed by those less familiar with our wonderful, and crazy, world of board games.

The best place to find us is in our slack channel (-RVu / -ZPG) .